Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I've got a lot of answering to do...

Wow, another post and it's not even been a week, I am spoiling you!

A quick nod to yesterdays outfit.

Vest - £4 Primark
Jeggings - £6 Tesco
Boyfriend Jacket - £13 Primark
Peach and grey beads - £2 Primark
Turquoise Beads - £1 Topshop
Peach Leather tooled wedges - Clarks via Jumble sale and they were free!

The wedges are sadly too small for me, only just. I'm torn between keeping them to wear on days when I don't have to walk far and putting them on ebay.

And now down to business. I've been tagged by Alex, Nicola and Caz. If you don't already read these blogs then take a peek, I promise you won't be disapointed.

Thank you ladies, it really makes my day to get a special mention!

Alex was so long ago I've practically forgotten the question but I think it was something along the lines of a Fantasy bag?

I'm not much of a bag lover so I don't lust over the designer "it" bags as such, I'm far more likely to happen on something that takes my fancy on the high street. Usually it's a desire for something a little more glamourous than my black changebag.
Silver Cross in Jet Sport in case you're tempted!

I'd much prefer something like this: Leather Stud detail Shopper (Butterscotch colour) - £90 Topshop
It's beautiful, would work well with my existing wardrobe, has plenty of room for all of the things that a mummy needs to cart around, and much more stylish than my current bag. At £90 it's way out if my price range, and more importantly, it's non washable so I don't fancy it's chances at handling an exploding banana or leaking sippy cup as well as the Silver Cross!

So one down, two to go...
Vicki xx

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Revlon Colourstay - The Results!

I've mentioned that I was trying out a new foundation and know that some of you are interested in how I found it so I thought I'd bare all and show you in this picture heavy post.

Please be warned some of the images you are about to see may be disturbing ha ha!

This is me in all my bare faced glory. I took these to show how well this foundation covers and still looks quite natural. I've got a mixture of acne scarring, red spots that have scabbed over, bumpy spots, you name it I've pretty much got it. It's hormonal and only affects my jaw area fortunately but it does affect my confidence so make up is essential if I'm going to go out of the house.

So here we go. Nothing but a dab of moisturiser...

I've applied the foundation all over my face with a dampened cosmetic sponge, then used the sponge to stipple over the areas where I need more coverage. This foundation doesn't rub in well so stippling is the way to go.

Swatch comparison. The "Fresco" shade (far right) was apparently my colour match at the Estee Lauder counter. I said I was sure I was more "Shell" so I walked away with a sample of each. Fresco was so hillariously orange I think that the woman was matching the foundation to my spots rather than my skin? Shell was much better but still a bit orangey. The Revlon colour was perfect and I've also shown my concealer which is the best I've ever found and is only about £5 in superdrug. You can see how fair and cool toned it is (far left).

Me Me Me Concealer - Superdrug. It's a liquid concealer, blends beautifully and is reasonably cheap. I use it under my eyes, to conceal spots and under my brows as a highlighter. It's amazing.

Concealer now applied, It now looks like I have lovely fresh clear skin, oh I wish! I love how the coverage is great but still allows my freckles to show through.

A teeny bit of powder and blusher gives a healthy glow!

My new mascara £2 Primark. Is supposed to be like Benefit's Bad Gal and it is great at lengthening and thickening. The colour is very black and the tube being, for want of a better word - squidgy allows you to get to the bits you normally wouldn't be able to. My only complaint is that it does crumble a little so you need to keep an eye (lol) on it!

That's better! Ready to face the world!

I couldn't resist this shot with Dylan and one of our cats, Abby playing on the bed.

I hope that's given you an idea of the coverage and the colour. It's not the easiest to apply but once you have a knack it's straightforward enough and I don't think it's much diferent to any other long wear formula in that sense.
It certainly stopped any shine breakthrough which is really something for me. I don't feel like I'm wearing heaps either and it doesn't crack or sit in my lines as much as others have.

So I'm really pleased. It was about £10 but I had a £2 voucher for Revlon at Boots which made it a little cheaper. Compared to the Estee Lauder Double Wear I'd say it's not quite as good in terms of coverage and you do use slightly more due to that but at half the price I'd say it's still better value and since the colour is a better match for me I'll be sticking with this for a while.

Although I'm open to any other suggestions. If you've found "the one" please let me know.

Vicki xx

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Playing Catch-up.

I'm sorry I've been a bad blogger again. I've had good intentions, taking photos ready to post but never seemed to find the time.
This is a short but sweet one to share with you a few outfits that I was particularly pleased with.
This was taken on my 30th birthday last week. can't actually believe that I'm now "In my Thirties" but I'm taking it quite well I think.

The weather has been really gorgeous this week and I've been trying out some new clothes that I bought from Tesco.
Cardi - £5
Shorts - £12
Both Tesco

Again from Tesco,
Cardi - £5
Shorts - £12
Top - £5
I've not worn shorts since being at school (quite some time ago then!) but I decided to give them another shot as they are more practical than a short skirt and suit my lifestyle better.

I'm really pleased at how flattering they are and how comfortable I felt.
It's so great that a whole other area of outfit possibilities has been unlocked but I feel resentful of those years that I missed out due to confidence issues.
Are there any styles of clothing you would never consider trying, or have you, like me rediscovered something you'd once ruled out?