Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I've got a lot of answering to do...

Wow, another post and it's not even been a week, I am spoiling you!

A quick nod to yesterdays outfit.

Vest - £4 Primark
Jeggings - £6 Tesco
Boyfriend Jacket - £13 Primark
Peach and grey beads - £2 Primark
Turquoise Beads - £1 Topshop
Peach Leather tooled wedges - Clarks via Jumble sale and they were free!

The wedges are sadly too small for me, only just. I'm torn between keeping them to wear on days when I don't have to walk far and putting them on ebay.

And now down to business. I've been tagged by Alex, Nicola and Caz. If you don't already read these blogs then take a peek, I promise you won't be disapointed.

Thank you ladies, it really makes my day to get a special mention!

Alex was so long ago I've practically forgotten the question but I think it was something along the lines of a Fantasy bag?

I'm not much of a bag lover so I don't lust over the designer "it" bags as such, I'm far more likely to happen on something that takes my fancy on the high street. Usually it's a desire for something a little more glamourous than my black changebag.
Silver Cross in Jet Sport in case you're tempted!

I'd much prefer something like this: Leather Stud detail Shopper (Butterscotch colour) - £90 Topshop
It's beautiful, would work well with my existing wardrobe, has plenty of room for all of the things that a mummy needs to cart around, and much more stylish than my current bag. At £90 it's way out if my price range, and more importantly, it's non washable so I don't fancy it's chances at handling an exploding banana or leaking sippy cup as well as the Silver Cross!

So one down, two to go...
Vicki xx


  1. Hahah love the changing bag lol I always wanted a Oi Oi changing bag (have you seen them? Amazing! lol)

  2. I like that Topshop bag, but it does seem an awful lot!

  3. Vicki, I just love how you accessorize things. All the bracelets and necklaces look wonderful.

    That's a lovely bag!

  4. Oh Vicki, that topshop bag!

    And I love your outfit <3 yummiest mummy ever

  5. Lovely bag. More pics of Dylan please - he's so cute. Dying to put a pic of my wee nephew on my blog (wearing Thomas gear of course) but will need to check with his mummy first! x

  6. Such a shame about those lovely shoes but if they are too small it's best to say bye bye.
    You should see what passed for a changing bag 21 years ago when I had Jazz - they were all covered in ducks and teddies in pastels and they didn't have compartments or anything!


  7. Love this outfit! The boyfriend blazer is gorgeous. Such a shame the wedges are a little small, as they're so cute! You've got to suffer for style though, yes? :)

  8. Cute outfit!


  9. I love the topshop bag. I don't think I ever owned a topshop. I'm a follower.

    Great outfit! You know how to accessorize.

  10. That necklace is adorable - I can't believe it was so cheap!

    I just wanted to pop over and thank you for entering the giveaway for my Karma Cards on the Daisy Chain blog. We have a few sets left if you're still keen! (cough, shameless self-promotion, cough) ;)

  11. The topshop bag is lovely, though very expensive for topshop, I wonder why? The wedges are also every so cute, but I can understand the dilema, I can't bear it if things pinch my feet

  12. Looking gorgeous as ever, Vicki!
    That bag is beautiful but £90 for TopShop? Bet it'll be half that in a few weeks time.

  13. Aw Vic those shoes look like they are hurting :( shame because they are pretty and even better were free...you could ebay them ;) xx

  14. i love how everything you are wearing is really affordable, adore the boyfriend jacket as if it's primarni!


  15. LOVE the blazer! Tres fab. :)

  16. £90 for topshop, thats a joke! They are getting so expensive!

  17. love the bag!

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  18. Just came across your blog and LOVE it!!! I am a mum in my 30s, also with skin problems but you look truly fab and I must try the foundation.Come and see my blog if you get time, all about my charity shop purchases. It's called Treasures from the Cherry Tree.