Sunday, 18 April 2010

Revlon Colourstay - The Results!

I've mentioned that I was trying out a new foundation and know that some of you are interested in how I found it so I thought I'd bare all and show you in this picture heavy post.

Please be warned some of the images you are about to see may be disturbing ha ha!

This is me in all my bare faced glory. I took these to show how well this foundation covers and still looks quite natural. I've got a mixture of acne scarring, red spots that have scabbed over, bumpy spots, you name it I've pretty much got it. It's hormonal and only affects my jaw area fortunately but it does affect my confidence so make up is essential if I'm going to go out of the house.

So here we go. Nothing but a dab of moisturiser...

I've applied the foundation all over my face with a dampened cosmetic sponge, then used the sponge to stipple over the areas where I need more coverage. This foundation doesn't rub in well so stippling is the way to go.

Swatch comparison. The "Fresco" shade (far right) was apparently my colour match at the Estee Lauder counter. I said I was sure I was more "Shell" so I walked away with a sample of each. Fresco was so hillariously orange I think that the woman was matching the foundation to my spots rather than my skin? Shell was much better but still a bit orangey. The Revlon colour was perfect and I've also shown my concealer which is the best I've ever found and is only about £5 in superdrug. You can see how fair and cool toned it is (far left).

Me Me Me Concealer - Superdrug. It's a liquid concealer, blends beautifully and is reasonably cheap. I use it under my eyes, to conceal spots and under my brows as a highlighter. It's amazing.

Concealer now applied, It now looks like I have lovely fresh clear skin, oh I wish! I love how the coverage is great but still allows my freckles to show through.

A teeny bit of powder and blusher gives a healthy glow!

My new mascara £2 Primark. Is supposed to be like Benefit's Bad Gal and it is great at lengthening and thickening. The colour is very black and the tube being, for want of a better word - squidgy allows you to get to the bits you normally wouldn't be able to. My only complaint is that it does crumble a little so you need to keep an eye (lol) on it!

That's better! Ready to face the world!

I couldn't resist this shot with Dylan and one of our cats, Abby playing on the bed.

I hope that's given you an idea of the coverage and the colour. It's not the easiest to apply but once you have a knack it's straightforward enough and I don't think it's much diferent to any other long wear formula in that sense.
It certainly stopped any shine breakthrough which is really something for me. I don't feel like I'm wearing heaps either and it doesn't crack or sit in my lines as much as others have.

So I'm really pleased. It was about £10 but I had a £2 voucher for Revlon at Boots which made it a little cheaper. Compared to the Estee Lauder Double Wear I'd say it's not quite as good in terms of coverage and you do use slightly more due to that but at half the price I'd say it's still better value and since the colour is a better match for me I'll be sticking with this for a while.

Although I'm open to any other suggestions. If you've found "the one" please let me know.

Vicki xx


  1. You look fantastic in this. Seems to be a brilliant buy for a tenner, I'd say def stick with it. x

  2. You look radiant and as sarah said stick with it..

  3. Gorgeous Vicki! The Primark mascara looks great on, must pick some up next time I'm there.

    I'm amused by the shade of Fresco though - you'd look like an Oompa Loompa with that on!

  4. You are so beautiful Vicki :)

  5. i just found your blog, you're a beautiful mommy. i wish i am a stay at home mom too. that make-up is amazing from your pics.

  6. You know your skin doesn't look that bad at all without make up, really! That mascara looks really good but it looks like you have good eyelashes anyway =)

  7. Wow you look fab! You have the same acne problem as me- all hormonal and affects my chin- mine is ghastly though and I hate it! Yours is def not as bad! I really like the foundation on you I may have to see if I an invest in some as I never get a good enough have inspired me I may be brave to take some bare faced pics myself :)

  8. great concelear and foundation. I bought the bad gal mascara and it's great for a couple of hours and then it starts flaking/crumbling. I ended up switching.

  9. Looks fab, and a good pale colour. Thanks for the tip about the concealer, it's been years since I found a good one. x

  10. Wow! I live by the me me me concealer. Not all my friends see how great it is, but I've been using it for four years and never thought of trying a different product. I was very disappointed however, when I found that my local superdrug had stopped selling it! I now have to travel 40miles to get it! I tend to buy plenty to keep me supplied. Lovely to read your blog.
    Ella rose x x x

  11. That mascara really works great!

    What a shame it's only available in the U.K. and not here in the States.

  12. We use the same foundation! :)
    I first went to the Chanel counter because one of my friends had told me wonderful things (and her face always looked flawless!) but the lady there was just an idiot. She first tried a colour far too dark and then after my suggestion tried their lightest shade, which was STILL too dark. (I had to tell her this, she just obviously wanted a sale) She then proceeded to tell me that I could just mix it with some white product she was fishing around for... at which pt I told her nicely that Chanel obviously didn't cater for girls like me and I didn't want to have to buy two products...I would find a brand that suited my needs. The lady at Revlon was lovely, with all her "oh too dark" "would you like more coverage or less?" etc etc and anyway, I came back with the Colorstay!
    I find it's easy enough to blend in, but it does start with a funky chemical smell don't ya think?
    Anyway... enough from me. I think we've found the one :D But let me know if you find something that's better and I'll do the same. xxx