Friday, 26 March 2010


Thank you so much for all your comments and tips regarding eyeshadow application. I've been watching some tutorials on Youtube and think I do need to invest in a few more brushes, but the main problem seems to be my eyelids are becoming um, lets say, less smooth - which makes blending and defining tricky. Now I know I'm not exactly ancient but is this something that you other girls my age find?

Today's outfit was based solely around the fact that I wanted to try out my green eyeshadow. I'm wearing dark green over my black eyeliner to soften it a little. My eyeball area is yellow and then I've attempted to define the outer corner and socket crease with a lush grass green. I'm happy with the look although the photo makes it look less dramatic than it really is.

I have worn this jacket for the last few days now, but hope that's not a huge crime as it's been worn as a coat rather than a cardi if that makes a difference!

This is the first time my wedges have been out and about thanks to it now being officially alright to wear them with tights, and I'm delighted to report that not only am I able to walk quite competently but they are the ridiculously comfortable also.

Dress - £5 Primark, top - £2.50 Primark, Boyfriend Jacket - £1 Primark via Bootsale, Wedges - £7.50 Debenhams sale. My nails are painted a coral which matches the flowers on my dress.

The photo today was taken outside in the garden to take advantage of the gorgeous sunshine we have had here today.

Have you been brave/mad enough to step out in sandals yet this year?


  1. Ok, every outfit you've posted lately has become my new favourite! I've said it before, but it's amazing to see your transformation and new found clothing confidence!

    The eyeshadow looks gorgeous, too, I'm jealous you got such a good photo. I used to photo my makeup a lot for another forum and could never get it like that! xx

  2. Have seen lots of people wearing wedges recently! I think I need to invest in some pronto! Loving the green eye makeup!

  3. That eyeshadow looks amazing on you! The green really highlights your luscious brown eyes!
    Lovin' the wedges. This time next week I'll be sporting my fave gladiators and a strappy maxi...can't blinkin' wait!

  4. Ach, you wear this dress so much better than I do! I love it styled with wedges and that gorgeous blazer.

    Eyeshadow looks fab :)

  5. Great outfit and I'm loving the green eyeshadow =) xx

  6. nice outfit and green eyeshadow looks great on yr eyes.