Monday, 22 March 2010

I'm Late! I'm late! For a very important date...

Well I will be if I don't get a wriggle on. The NCT group are meeting at the Wacky Warehouse soft play at 10:00 and I'm not even dressed yet!

I just couldn't wait to share with you a couple of accessories I made yesterday evening.

I've been loving the "Alice" inspired clothing and jewellery that's around at the moment but they all seem to come with a shocking price tag.

I decided to have a rummage through my craft box and see what I could come up with.

The buttons, lace and the blue, green and gold cord are Hobbycraft and were pretty cheap. The beads have been in my box for years. The tiny beads are threaded on elastic so the bracelet can just be stretched on and off.
Second up is a rework of a bracelet that I bought as part of a bundle in Topshop for £1. I love the antiquey gold colour of the beads but it was too big for my wrist and kept falling off. I tied sellotape around one end of the ribbon so it was easy to thread and put all of the beads on. I tied a knot in the middle of the ribbon and then knotted in between each bead. I tied the two ends together and used a lace bow to cover the join, the ribbon was folded over the centre of the bow and then stitched in place. Ribbon and lace both Hobbycraft.

I'm really thrilled with both pieces and can't wait to wear them.
What do you have lurking in your craft box?


  1. Excellent crafting Vicki! I love the rabbits and the beautiful peach ribbon.

    I don't have a craft box. Oh the shame of it.

  2. oh i love the clock / rabbit bracelet sooo much - well done :) must get making!

  3. Genuis ideas! If they were on the high street they'd be charging a small fortune!
    Have a lovely day, hope you're all better now.

  4. Beautiful and very inventive! Funnily enough I have just made a necklace which I'm about to pop on my blog.
    Have a good day! x

  5. Oh wow these are awesome girly x

  6. They are gorgeous, well done.
    You don't fancy making me one, do you? :)
    Wish I was that crafty

  7. Very creative Vicki. You don't need shops when you can come up with things that fabby on your own. x