Saturday, 13 March 2010

Jumble Tales

This is my first post in several days, I've had a crazy week or so and life has got in the way of my blogging, but I'm here now and hope to make it a more regular thing...
My outfit today features my new grey vest/dress £3 Primark which has a racer style back so will need layering over another top to hide the bra straps. The boyfriend jacket is also Primark and was £13. I can see myself wearing it a lot this Spring.
But more importantly...
My Jumble Sale adventure!
So after being amazed at the beautiful bargains that my fellow bloggers have bagged at the jumble sales I thought I'd go along and see what all the fuss is about...

I'd heard tales of ruthless old ladies with pointed elbows pushing, clawing and even snatching their way to the best booty, I was excited but terrified.
I put on my bravest face and paid the admission of 30p at the door, and stepped into a dimly lit hall with tables loaded to the ceiling (well almost) of clothes, bags, shoes, you name it, it was there. One small problem though, there didn't seem to be any way of getting to the table as there was a barricade of buyers eagerly rummaging and digging, sorting and discarding but no way of joining them. I inched a hand through a newly opened gap and waited... OK nobody seemed to mind, I tried an arm, followed by a shoulder and at last I was actually standing at the table!
I soon found myself shamelessly upturning great sections of the fabric mountain to see what treasure was buried beneath, trying to spot a potential purchase amongst the dowdy and the drab.
A hint of lace, a floral print, a delicate pastel, let me at it! I had a blast! And here is my haul...

Left: Principals lace vest and shrug set new with tags was £37! Primark lacy vest - great for under tunics with a little lace peeking out.

New with tags M&S toiletries bag (for holiday)

Topshop wrap style top, travel size skincare stuff, Patricia Cornwell book, 2 scarfs.

Red Debenhams Maxi Skirt

Peach leather Clarkes wedges - look either new or worn once, the nice lady organising gave me these for nothing!

This aubergine tunic is quite shiny and I'm not really sure about the cross over front but I love the shape. I'll have to see how it looks as a proper outift.

I don't like this dress. I thought it could either be great or awful. It's awful!
This pretty pale pink top has a sweet drapey bow detail at the bust but it didn't photograph well, the wave of floaty chiffon at the centre is a lovely way of disguising my mummy tummy!

This dress is a size or two too big but I have yanked it in with the back ties, I'm sure a belt or some adjustments can make it wearable.
River Island cream lace top - I'm going to ebay this one.
What's your best ever jumble find?


  1. Wow what amazing finds, you did super well and hopefully your now a jumble sale convert :)

    I really like that purple/teal/green dress, this it would be nice in the autumn with tights boots and a chunky cardi xx

  2. All looking very nice. I've never been to jumble sales but after seeing what you got I may give it a try- you seem to have loads of bargains. Im liking the lacy tops and pale pink floaty top.

    I like the blazer you are wearing too. So many lovely things.

  3. You've picked up some great stuff! I love the pattern on the dress you don't like - you could always chop it to mid thigh as more of a normal length shirt dress, would really suit your shape that way.

    Muchly loving the blazer and boots in the first set of pics. Where are the boots from?

  4. You did sooo well! I'm very jealous, we very rarely have jumble sales round here and when I eventually found one a few months ago it was a couple of tables of worn out modern household rubbish and the clothes table literally had about 5 garments on it.
    You look brilliant in the red maxi but my favourite has to be the one you don't like, the colours are gorgeous and the style suits you xx

  5. Check out all your bargains!!! Very well done. I'm desperate to go to a jumble sale but the only ones I ever see are Saturdays and I work all day!

    Congrats and I'm glad you got in and enjoyed yourself. x

  6. They don't do jumbles round here, sadly.

    I agree with Alex, the dress you dislike would be nice if shortened. What super bargains though! I love the red maxi skirt and the wedges are really cute. x

  7. Wow, you got some amazing finds Vicki, and you look gorgeous in everything..even the dress you deem awful! Never any jumble sales around here, if you go to more and find size 8 bargains please be my personal shopper ;) I'll pay you a fee! Haha. Happy mother's day, too x

  8. I'm so proud of you, you did amazingly well! I am officially in love with the maxi skirt and Clarks' shoes.
    Yeah to jumbles! Primark will seem expensive now!

  9. You are absolutely spot on about my split clothing personality! I absolutely love colour, the brighter the better (my rainbow star blanket is a perfect example!)and I do wear it, just usually with black! xx

  10. You got some brilliant bargains - yay for jumbling! :)

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my last post. It really touched me and made me smile! :) xxx

  11. Loving the jacket.

    Cute blog and cute son!


  12. gah! i LOVE the maxi skirt look :) too pretty!