Monday, 1 March 2010

Full of the joys of Spring

It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining and not a cloud to be seen in the sky. It's official Winter is over (well in my eyes it is anyway).
I'd been waiting so patiently for a slightly warmer day to occur, each morning I would open the curtains to bitter disappointment (and cold), but today - Hooray! I could wear my pretty floral dress (£5 Primark)
I thought it sensible to layer it over a long sleeve top for both warmth and decency, and added tights and boots to demonstrate that I wasn't totally deluded about the time of year. This cardigan is one that I bought last year in Sainsburys for about £3 and then found I had nothing to wear it with so I was thrilled to discover how perfectly it picked out the green in my dress.
My nail varnish (Coral by Nails Inc) was kindly sent to me by Laura from A Daisy Chain Dream and it matches the flowers in the print so well.
I'm so glad thatthe weather seems to be taking a turn for the better after such a miserable Winter, all I can say is, roll on Summer!


  1. Ahh great outfit as always!
    I love seeing your outfits as it gives me so much inspiration as a fellow busy mum!
    I have just today bought a very similar strapless dress on ebay to the one you are wearing its nice to see how you can dress it for daytime.

    I love all your bangles too and the nails look fab!

  2. Lovely spring-like colours.
    It's been a beautiful day here but it's icy now! Apparently snows on the way for friday.

  3. Vicky, what a gorgeous dress, and it goes so well with the cardi. How do you keep your nails so beautiful?

  4. You look gorgeous Vicky! I just love this look - tan leather is a favourite of mine and those boots are winners. Such pretty spring style. :) x

  5. your nails are so perfect! mine never grow or stay in shape no matter how kind I am to them!

    this is such a gorgeous outfit, lets hope the weather lasts!

  6. Beautiful colours in your outfit today!


  7. i can't wait for the warmer weather to stay! i love how well the jeans look layered with the dress.
    xoxo alison

  8. I love this outfit - it really is full of the joys of spring!! xx