Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Rudey Nudey

I've been longing to wear this scaft ever since I was given it about 6 months ago, but nothing in my wardrobe went with it. I was thinking either dusky pink or duck egg but at the time there was nothing in either colour to be found.
Fast forward to now and the high street is absolutley jam packed with subtle nude shades and pretty pastels, but as it seems to be the latest trend for Spring most of the gorgeous pieces I picked up made me wince at the price tag and not a sausage on the sale rail, typical!
Not to be beaten I headed for Primark, where I knew I'd be able to pick up something to satisfy the craving without blowing the budget. I was overwhelmed by the number of pretty floaty tunics adorned with lace, sequins and froth but I'm not sure I want to go to full on and risk looking like a toilet roll cover, and some of the heavily embelished items tended to look a little cheap.
I was starting to feel that maybe it wasn't meant to be when I happened upon this simple vest top that ticked all the boxes;
nude? Yes
frilly? a little, but not too much
within budget? £2.50 Oh yes!
I've layed it over a cream long sleeved top as it's ever so slightly see through, and my jeggings are feeling the love again today, the long thin cardi was £10 from Tesco and I don't wear it much as DH says it looks like I have a dressing gown on, we can't decide if it really does or if we think this because it is very similar to my dressing gown! The scarf really finishes the outfit and brings all the elements together. I've added a Pilgrim braclet with accents of duck egg which ties in with the other colour in the scarf and also a rose bead bracelet and a Hot Diamonds charm bracelet.
Dylan must have picked up on the romantic vibe as he became very amourous during my photoshoot and demanded a "Mummy cuddle"
What accessories do you have lurking in the closet waiting for their debut?


  1. Looking lovely as usual Vicki :) I really like that nude top and the scarf is everso pretty.

    How cute is the pic of you and Dylan? Awww.

    ps - the cardi is fab and looks nowt like a dressing gown!

  2. Lovely pretty colours on you, Vicky and Dylan's so sweet.
    Only a bloke would say that cardi looks like a dressing gown.

  3. Cute pics! And the new top is a bargain and a half, you look so pretty in pastel shades.

    I have some scarves I inherited that I haven't worn; they're in my summer scarves box waiting for better weather. xx

  4. Love the scarf, but then again, I do have a bit of a 'thing' for scarves & own way too many!

    Really nice outfit :)

    Going to follow you if that's ok?


  5. Oh bless Dylan <3

    You look lovely my dear
    and thank you SO so much for the beautiful brooch. I'm glad I didn't wear my planned outfit today as it'll go perfectly when I wear it tomorrow instead!

  6. what a great outfit! you're a darling mom!! in my closet i have scarves i wish i wore more, and definitely wish I switched out my purses more often to match my outfits!


  7. You look lovely here and your son is a sweetie. I wish I could put things together as effortlessly as you seem to have.
    I have a few scarves but never really know what to do with them (also a few unworn belts) x

  8. Hi Vicki. There's an award for you waiting on my blog :)