Friday, 19 March 2010

Little Treats for Mrs Snuffaluffagus

I'm really suffering with a nasty cold. Man flu seems to have mutated and is now affecting us females it seems. OK in truth I'm not
very good at being poorly, nothing makes me feel better than someone gently kissing my forehead and stroking my hair while telling me it will all be alright soon.

Sadly my DH has gotten wise to this so I no longer get treated quite so sensitively but all the same he's been jolly nice to me. Today he's taken Dylan out and about and left me to recover in peace.
While he was out he managed to find time to buy me this lovely dress I saw in the Republic sale for only £5. I've been wanting a denim dress for a while now but to be honest the ironing has put me off. This jersey number seemed the perfect solution and I was thrilled that they had my size in the local store.
I've worn it with my Tesco leopard print cardi £5 in the sale, grey leggings from Sainsburys £3.75 and Primark studded boots £15. The necklace features a clock pendant and was given to me by a kind friend.

DH also surprised me with a couple of bracelets to cheer me up. The one pictured here in pink and also a blue version.

I'm still feeling snuffly but at least it was motivation to get washed and dressed and feel a little more human.

What sort of a patient are you?


  1. Don't you make a pretty patient? What a lovely dress and a delightful hubby, too!
    I was a vile patient whilst recovering from my hip replacement, Jon was an absolute saint, cooking, cleaning, supplying me with books and newspapers but drew the line at cutting my toenails and shaving my legs.
    Get well soon.

  2. love your dress, you look gorgeous! :)
    hope you have a good weekend!

  3. You're looking far too good for someone who's ill - no fair! That dress is so simple but looks great on you. Well done Mr Vicki for the shopping trip.

    I'm a terrible patient, everso grumbly and shouty.

  4. Aww!! Your hubby sounds wonderful! My hubby couldnt think of anything worse than shopping for me! Bless! Hope you feel better soon x

  5. You look divine, hard to believe that you are ill - far too pretty! The dress is an absolute bargain and you wear it well.

    I go into recluse mode when I'm ill, just want to be left alone unless you are bringing me flat lemonade or tuna sandwiches, or a cold compress in case of migraine. Otherwise just leave me to die in peace!! ;-)

  6. Ooh I love that dress - my nearest Republic is more than an hr away :(

    Your bloke definitely sounds like a keeper, wow!

  7. What a lovely hubby you have, and such good taste in fashion too! He picked well with that gorgeous bracelet. Love the denim dress, too.

    I'm quite a good patient - I'm a whinger, but I much prefer to soldier on than laze about feeling sorry for myself. My OH is terrible - the first sign of a sniffle and he's in bed. :) x

  8. I love that dress!

    and I'm a quiet patient, usually. I do like a good moan, but generally take myself off to bed and keep outta the way x

  9. What a cute outfit! Your other version of it also sounds great. And the presents from your sweetie I'm sure have helped your recovery.
    I'm a sleepy patient. I would rather sleep things off or watch mindless tv/movies than do much else while sick. I also can't stand to eat/drink if I am feeling any bit ill. I don't want to "see" it again. Too much info, sorry!

  10. loving your dress and the oversize cardigan <333

  11. I'm the kind that pushes herself and refuses to admit she is ill until I'm so poorly lol

    That dress is really pretty and a steal at £5! I've got that cardi, it's fab isn't it :) xx