Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A Twinkle in my Eye.

I've been getting a bit more experimental with my eye make-up recently and have managed to beg, borrow and steel some new colours to play with, but I was majorly coveting a multicoloured palette.

It was to great delight that I spotted these beauties in Internacionale, reduced to half price in the sale AND on a "Buy one, get the second half price" offer. The two came in at a very reasonable £2.70.

The first is more shimmery muted shades while the second has pretty high pigment considering the price. The photo of my hand demonstrates this, each blob was just a quick swirl with my finger then dabbed on. I'm looking forward to stepping out with some spectacularly colourful eyes so watch this space.

My outfit today conversely features very little colour:

Boyfriend Jacket - Primark via Car Boot Sale £1

Nude top - 10p jumble sale

Cream lace top worn underneath - 10p jumble sale.

Denim jeggings - £3 Sainsburys Sale.

Boots - Primark £15.

The two bracelets were gifts, the cream bangle was part of a huge bundle from the Topshop Sale for £1 and the necklace is the one I made myself.

The subtle details that make this outfit more interesting didn't really photo well, the chiffon frill down the top, the lace peeking out at the neck, the gorgeous detailing on the necklace's ribbon, but these little things made it just as interesting as my rainbow palette anyday.

Do you wear colour on your eyes? I'd really like some suggestions to ease me in gently!


  1. Hello! The outfit looks fab, very chic.

    There are lots of eyeshadow applications on you tube - I've found it really useful.


  2. You look fab today. One of my favourite outfits. All the details sound like they give it an extra special something.

    I'm not great with eyeshadow either but I would combine similar shades such as 2 purples or blues and blend them together going dark to light (or visa versa)

  3. Can't wait to see how you get on with the eyeshadows.

    Lovely outfit today. Looks fresh and natural.


  4. Ooh Vicki YES, I wear colour on my eyes rather a lot. I found the easy way to do it at first is to use the stronger colours as liner - you can foil most shadows by wetting the brush before application (results vary.) Also don't overblend as it can make the shadows look 'muddy'.

    I second the recommendation of YouTube tutes, Michelle Phan has been particularly helpful to me, as she uses highly pigmented colours to achieve her looks.

  5. Those eyeshadow palettes were a bargain - great colours! I'm rather jealous. I don't have an Internacionale where I live, & I really wish I did!

    I own that jacket, & was wearing it yesterday - mine however, did not cost £1!

  6. Oh i'm so hopeless when it comes to make up. I hardly ever remember to wear any and it's never experimental :-/

  7. What a fab palette and super outfit!
    I've got a penchant for emerald greens, deep purples and turquoise eyeshadows and just tend to surround the whole eye area, using an eyeliner bush around the lower eye and then apply lashings of mascara.

  8. Those eye pallettes look amazing. I am rubbish at eye make up, I must start watching some tutorials!

  9. I'm exactly the same as LadyBug - no good at eye make up! I love that palette though, it's like a big beautiful paint box.

  10. I love bright makeup! and I LOVE this outfit x

  11. Excellent bargain make up! Green is my signature colour, I have lots of different ones, silver and grey is my current fave but I wear purple, blue and pink too.


  12. wonderful bargain..nope I dont wear eye makeup as my eyes are already colored with dark circles..but it will look pretty on u..and u look gorgeous in ur outfit.

  13. I am going to watch a tutorial! I need to know too.