Sunday, 28 February 2010

Groovy Baby

I'm feeling peace and love today in this latest buy from Ebay. I've always loved this sort of print with it's free flowing lines and bold swirls of colour. It's just taken me this long to actually own and wear it!

I've added a vest top underneath for today's trip to Sainsburys but I'm sure in the summer (when showing a bit of flesh isn't going to be so shocking) I could get away without.
I did consider wearing jeggings underneath it as I wasn't really sure if it was that teeny bit short to be worn as a dress, but my hubby reassured me that it was OK, and after giving him a demo he declared my bum acceptable to be seen should a gust of wind expose all, gotta love him!
Excuse the mismatched PJs on Dylan, he chose them, and who am I to argue with such a tempermental eccentric!

This necklace was thrifted from my Mum, I don't wear it much as it's quite unusual but I do love the design.
I did have arms full of wooden, gold and creamy toned bangles but removed them while making Mexican Bean Burgers with Dylan and forgot to put them back on.

I'd have loved to get all funky with my hair, maybe crimp a bit up, or section the front with some braids and backcomb at the crown but I didn't want anyone asking if I was going to a fancy dress party. Maybe next time I'll be that bit braver...


  1. your outfits just get better and better my dear,

    and Dylan is such a cutie <3

  2. I love that colour on you ! You have very good legs :0) The necklace is really pretty, I love the scroll designs on it.

    Hello Dylan (waves) !

  3. Fantastic legs, my dear!
    Love the colours of this outfit and that necklace of your mum's is just stupendous. As always, Dylan looks adorable.

  4. The pattern and colours of the tunic are perfect with the tights and suit you so well. All these marvellous ebay bargains - how do you track them down?

    Dylan rocks in his funky pj's - who wants to match anyway?

  5. The outfit is lovely and the colour looks great on you. And you look fantastic in it so who cares what lenth it is.

    I'm with Alex... who wants to match... Dylan looks like a little sweetheart.


  6. Ahh nice outfit! I love that print/pattern too- wish I had the guts and the legs to wear tights like that!