Friday, 19 February 2010

The Art of Distraction

Day 1 - Jilt the Jeggings

So I have been challenged! My trusty jeggings have been banished to the back of my wardrobe for a whole week.

How will I cope? Do I own enough dresses and tights to muddle through without my staple item? Um...there's only one way to find out!

As for the distraction?

I have the Mother of all Cold Sores residing on my bottom lip (which has also maybe trebbled in size). My first reaction was to not leave the house until I return to my usual lovely lipped self, but after one day indoors I was starting to get cabin fever.

OK so being house bound is not an option, if I'm going out I'll blend in. I had planned to wear something simple, plain and quite frankly boring...but then I spoke to the lovely Laura from "A Daisy Chain Dream" who suggested I divert everyone's eyes from the offending area and play up my eye make up. Ohhh I thought, there's an idea!

Inspired by this flash of genius, I used the concept of distraction and pulled on a pair of bright pink tights that I had been saving for a day I felt confident enough to wear them. This cute mushroom and cat print jumper dress (Tsega via ebay) was disappointingly too small when I bought it last year, but now I've slimmed down a little I can just about carry it off (as long as I'm careful about my posture) I threw on my Primark cardi which tied in the red and pink perfectly and my slouchy grey boots and dashed out the door, just in time to be fashionably late!

P.S. And I felt fabulous!

How do you cope when you're facing a beauty crisis?


  1. Fortunately (?) being plagued with acne for over 20 years I have given up being bothered by the state of my skin!

    Good luck with the jeggings challenge! You've made a great start! I need to do a no black challenge but I would run out of clothes by day 2.


  2. Ahh the famous beauty crisis. I cope by throwing on tons of eye makeup and black cherry lipstick and and giving it major attitude.

    The dress is adorable and looks great with the bright tights. :)

    Lou x

  3. I LOVE those tights Vicki.

    For me, beauty crisis days involve glittery eyeliner. Or no makeup at all but a verrrrry loud outfit.

  4. Great look, Vicki. Well done on the weightloss.
    Cold sore, what cold sore?
    Whenever I get a spot my hemline gets shorter to attract the attention away from my face.

  5. I tend to hide behind my hair!

    You have wonderful taste in dresses Vicki - today's is fabulous. And the tights are super cheerful and brilliant :)