Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Ruby Tuesday

...Well red anyway. Today I really wanted that amazing pick me up that red gives me.

The red top is Tesco, the pockets are drapy and there is a zip at the back at only £5 I was sold! This was a purchase made on my first "Yummy" shopping trip; A pre-meditated attempt at becoming stylish. I was armed with some clubcard vouchers to "double up" and I purchased some daring new items for my wardrobe.

I'm wearing a Primark cardi which I don't wear often simply because my cats moult too much and black shows up the hairs horribly - I promise I gave it a good going over with the de-fluffer first. I'm keeping things simple with grey leggings and my trusty Primark boots.

This brooch was part of a Boujours gift set bought in the Superdrug sale last January and this is the first wear.
I'm trying out some different poses today, and you'll be pleased to know my Hubby worked out the timer on the camera for me so I should be able to have proper pictures soon!

I've had such a busy day today but I will put more thought into the next blog entry.

Vicki x


  1. You look gorgeous Vicki - I especially like that cardi. I swear by Lakeland Sticky Mitts to rid myself of the large quantities of ginger fluff that Oscar leaves everywhere.

    Great poses btw ;)

  2. Loving the pictures! I need to try harder with mine I think as I always end up in the same position, boring! :)

  3. Beautiful poses, beautiful lady!
    I know the problem with cats and their darned hair, I've got three of the little monkeys and they can sniff out an open drawer or wardrobe in an instant.

  4. Lovely pics, you have beautiiful hair! Can sympathise with the cat problem, always have to keep a lint roller to hand!

  5. loving the cardi, it's beautiful and the brooch is pretty too. Defo living up to your name as a yummy mummy x

  6. Oh I am loving this outfit, everything blends beautifully.