Sunday, 21 February 2010

Lazy Sunday

Day 3 - Jeggings Challenge

So far so good, at just under half way into the challenge I've not had the shakes yet.

Again this morning was a classic example of when jeggings would have been the natural choice. I was going to a Boot Sale and the weather was wet. Instead I wore a pair of skinny jeans, lots of layers and welly to complete the "look" I threw on a big khaki parker coat with fluffy hood.

Unfortunately it wasn't to be - I couldn't find the damn thing! Never mind I am determined to track down the elusive Boot Sale next Sunday!

I got home and changed into something marginally more blogworthy. I wore my red primark long sleeved T-shirt and navy leggings with slouchy grey boots and a navy and grey striped cardi again from Primark. I added the knotted necklace I made yesterday and some pearls. Not very exciting but I was feeling fed up and lazy.

To cheer myself up I headed to Tesco home to have a rummage through the final sale. I was pleasantly surprised and I came away with this satiny navy dress with beautiful fluted sleeves £4, the snakeskin look belt (£1.50) and a cerise pink nightie with lace trim (£1.50) which I'll use under dresses.

I'm not entirely sure about the leggings and boots I'm wearing it with here. I was thinking grey tights and cream or bronze shoes but since I don't have any of those items (yet) this will have to do for now.

What would you wear with it?


  1. Both outfits are fab, I love that dress and for £4 what a bargain!! I like how you have dressed it down with the boots and legging, think it would look equally as fab it some cream tights and bright blue heels or navy tights and cream mary janes? xx

  2. That navy dress is absolutely gorgeous on you and looks a whole lot more expensive than the price you paid for it.
    If I wore it I'd have grey tights, shoe boots and pop my trusty denim waistcoat over the top...and lots of jewellery.

  3. Very, very pretty lady! Love the dress and such a bargain! I think the boots and leggings go perfectly, but some colour pop pink tights and cute pumps would also work. :)

  4. Wow that dress is so lovely, what a bargain find! x