Sunday, 7 February 2010

Oooooh, oooh, ooh Babylove!

Last night was "Babylove", a fundraising event to raise money for St Johns Hospital Neo Natal Intensive Care unit. My friend who organised it had her little girl very early and knows all too well what important work they do there. The hospital rely heavily on donations to provide care over and above the very basic that the NHS can fund.

The evening was a huge sucess, eveyone who attended enjoyed it thoroughly and most importantly they raised £1,800 which is enough money to buy the hospital three special care incubation units!

The dress code was "smart party" which is always a tricky one. After much deliberation I bought this Yumi dress from USC, it was £13 in the sale down from £45! I love the carousel print and the frilly layer that peeks out underneath. The Carvela shoes were from TK Maxx and were a bargainous £16. I had intended to wear normal black tights but found the shoes kept slipping off but the footless tights solved the problem perfectly and gave a party feel to my look.

At the last minute I realised that the hot pink nail varnish I was planning on using wouldn't work with the open toes (too much pink) I knew navy would look fab so I mixed electric blue with a dark plum to get the perfect shade to match my dress. I would have been even more smug had I not smudged a fingernail while doing my hair!

I decided to go for a really full on eye make up, I kept the rest of my face neutral and understated but went to town on the eyeliner and applied lashings and lashings of black mascara for a dramatic effect.

When are you next dressing up?


  1. That's gorgeous! The whole thing is perfect and it's a beautiful dress x

  2. It's so great to see your much-discussed purchases on and ready to party! You look gorgeous.

    My next dress up date is Friday - a friend's leaving do. She may be pregnant and going on maternity leave but the rest of us are hitting the wine... hard! :)

  3. Wow! Stunning. Great look.

  4. That dress is beautiful, your hair is beautiful, the shoes are beautiful...Gorgeous look :)

    No plans to be dressed up in the near future :(

  5. What a fantastic look. I would never have thought of footless tights, but it works so well.

  6. you look amazing :) so glad you went for that dress! xx

  7. I completely echo what Queenie said :) And you are the queen of mixed nail varnish!

    When am I next dressing up? Um, Good Friday. The shame of having no social life eh? I don't have any party clothes that fit any more though and no money at the mo to buy more, so it's probably a good job!

  8. Wow fab outfit! I NEED those shoes!! Not that Ive got anywhere to go in them but it would brighten up doing the housework :)

    Retro x

  9. Oh man Vicki, you are SO beautiful and your outfit is great.