Wednesday, 10 February 2010

When I was Slummy

I thought to add some balance and to properly document my journey, I would share some of the "slummy" photos. These photos were taken in Summer 2008 and Summer 2009. I lived in hoodies, baggy jeans and unflattering T-shirts but didn't have the confidence to try anything different.

It was totally nervewracking stepping out in my new clothes and the complements I got embarressed me. I still find it hard to accept them but it's getting easier as I have more confidence in my outfits and style.

I have been tagged and I think I should give some facts about myself so here goes:

1. I am addicted to pickled chillis, I will eat a jar of jalepenos in one sitting given half the chance.
2. We have been in the same house for 3 years, but it is the 5th one that I have owned.
3. I'm a qualified SCUBA diver and hold a PADI advanced certification.

4. I had major cosmetic surgery at 16 to correct a severe underbite.

5. I had my nipple pierced (twice) but took it out when I got pregnant.

I hope that is enough to be going on with!

I'll leave you with the outfit that I wore this evening to go out for a curry:
The dress is by Darimeya and from ebay, Primark long sleeved top, Sainsburys jeggings and Primark studded boots. I'm wearing two necklaces, one is purple, the other pearl and bronze beads. Lots and lots of brightly coloured bracelets and I was ready to eat!

Excuse the washing on the stairs, I WILL sort that out tomorrow (maybe).


  1. You've lost so much weight too! The dress is lovely.


  2. Wow! What a transformation. You look so beautiful with your son, but you look gorgeously stylish in that killer dress! I'm so glad you found you style sea feet and now rock such gorgeous outfits. :)

  3. Wow! I can see where Dylan gets his good looks from! What a stunning transformation, you really are a "yummy mummy"

  4. I think you suit the casual look, nowt "slummy" about it! I do love the way you put outfits together now though (beautiful dress and the necklaces look great with it). And how sweet is Dylan?

  5. I don't think you ever were a slummy mummy! You look great with whatever you have on!

  6. I agree, I love that you now take so much more time putting outfits together, as you really do manage to look fab, but I don't think you'd ever have fitted into the "slummy" category! xx

  7. Lovely post, it is great that you are feeling more confident now! I have that dress :)

  8. Wow, what a transformation Vicki,
    you look phenomenal now
    (but always were a beautiful lady)
    so glad you have more confidence.


  9. I think there is a difference between casual and slummy, you look beautiful in both before and after pics. xx

  10. you look so chic in the last picture. :)

  11. i love seeing the 'before' and 'after'! what a chic transformation, even though you were always a fashionista at heart!
    xoxo alison