Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Look no hands!

Day 5 - Jeggings Challenge

So I finally worked out a few features on the camera and have got my head around the self timer!
My outfit today is based around my nail colour which I mixed using a dark burgundy and a baby pink. I was hoping for a nude beige but I liked this all the same even if it is a bit liveresque.

This dress was an ebay bargain, it was just listed as "dress" so didn't attract any attention. I love the cute cats, clocks and rainbows. It's such a versatile piece as I can mix and match with all the different colours.
I've added a purple long sleeve T-shirt underneath for warmth and black tights.
My studded Primark boots are making another appearance. I'm getting a bit bored of this cold weather and am itching to slip on some sandals instead.

Lastly I thought I'd show you the fruits of my labour. Thanks to Vix from "Vintage Vixen" for this suggestion.

I used 1 metre of ribbon to make this pretty brooch, I sew a long running stitch along on side and gathered, I then stitched the scruchie round on itself to make a flower, then finished with this cute anchor button on the front and a brooch pin on the back. Total cost about 80p.

I can't wait to wear it!


  1. That broach is great, definitely going to try that one! Love those Primark boots!

  2. Wow1 Great job on the brooch, you crafty thing. Love the nautical button, great choice.
    One of my friends has that cat dress, the print is adorable and fab worn with purple.

  3. Loving the handmade brooch! Not only does it look boutique-ish and expensive, but when people comment on it, you can tell them you made it yourself!

  4. That brooch is fab...let us know if you're going to start taking orders!

  5. p.s meant to ask, do you mix the nail varnish before you apply it or do you layer one colour over another?

  6. Oh the brooch is fantastic. Well done!

    And I love the dress today. What make is it?

  7. Id love to have the talent to make something like that- great outfit today you have such a fab collection of dresses!

  8. Wow Vicki that brooch! I had a go at these but only made a mess!