Thursday, 25 February 2010

Happy Feet

Day 7 - Jeggings challenge - Completed!!!

I made it! One whole week without wearing my jeggings. As a reward, and to help prevent me slipping back into old habits I bought some brand spanking new tights:

The burgundy and purple were 50p and the grey relatively extortionate at £2 (Primark)

I also carried out a mystery shop, same as yesterday but a different town. I bought these gorgeous babies, they were in the sale and were originally £60 but I paid £10.

There's something about a red shiny shoe that makes me smile!

It would have been rude not to buy this necklace £1 and set of bangles £2, so I did.

The outfit today is a Darimeya dress that I've blogged before, this time layered over the hot pink nightie I bought last week from Tesco (£1.50). My tights are bright pink with thin black tights over the top to give a subtle flash of colour and I couldn't resist changing into my new shoes!


  1. Oh Oh Oh I sooooooo want them shoes !! You look fab today :0)

  2. Those shoes were an absolute bargain! Love the bangles too, as you say at that price it would have been rude not to, lol.

  3. Oooh those shoes are fabulous... and i love your dress :)

  4. Fab shoes! Love the necklace too!

    Poppy x

  5. Those shoes are lush, what a good find. I bought some bright red and some teal tights from primark today for 50p the burgundy were still full price though and I was too tight to pay it (yes they were only £1 but I wanted them for 50p!) Bring on the coloured tights!

    Well done for not wearing your jeggings all week hurrah, are you cracking them out tomorrow to celebrate?

    Queenie xx

  6. The shoes are fantastic :) I love how you've belted the dress as well, it looks great on you.

  7. Great shoes, I love a wedge!
    The bangles are just gorgeous and the dress takes on a whole new appearance cinched in with the constrasting belt.
    The question is - do the jeggings make an appearance again or have you decided that you no longer need them?

  8. Those shoes are lovely! Yay for colourful tights :)

  9. Oh my those shoes are divine! I want!

  10. Amazing shoes, and tights m'dear, you can never have too many tights.
    LOVE your outfit xx