Sunday, 14 February 2010

A Slight Whiff of Cheese

(Balloon still going from last Saturday's Babylove event!)

xxx Happy Valentines Day xxx

I hope you are all having a day full of love and kisses. I know it's generally considered a bit naff, but sometimes you just need that date in the diary where you drop everything, stop what you were doing and take some time to celebrate your loved ones. My darling hubby isn't the most romantic of souls so it's good to have one day where it's OK to be slushy!

My outfit today mirrored my romantic mood and features pretty pinks and a flirty floral print. I put a navy slip underneath to make this tunic dress hang better. I'm wearing this gorgeous bow necklace and charm bracelet (full of wonderful memories) that my lovely Mr. gave me.

We had this beautiful heart shaped pasta for lunch and to go with it, I rustled up a creamy cheese and spinach sauce flavoured with lots of nutmeg and pepper.

Dylan got creative this afternoon but as his prefered style of pointillism didn't really resemble much. I cut out some splodges and assembled them to resemble the petals of a rose. A few green ones and I had enough flowers to make a pretty card for his little sweetheart a few doors down the road. I could have cried with pride when he walked up to her, gave her the card and wished her a Happy Valentine's Day.

Dinner this evening is a joint effort. I'm in charge of the starter and dessert and hubby is taking care of the main course.

I've wrapped the asparagus in parma ham, drizzled with some rosemary flavoured olive oil and grilled and accompanied with some olives and crusty bread. I've put some Hollandaise sauce in the centre to dip into.
Simply divine!
I admit to cheating and bought the dessert which is Hot Chocolate Soufflé. Oooh I can't wait...

So my cooperative son is in bed, my Valentine is in the kitchen, I'm about to wrap this up and crack open a bottle of chilled bubbly.
How did you spend your Valentine's Day?


  1. Enjoy your evening beautiful,
    damn I love your necklace!

    I've done nothing today, well nothing different to any other Sunday really...spent with my parents and best friend,
    but I handed out treat bags that I'd made and enjoyed other people's happy loved up stories!


  2. Lovely tunic dress. Hope you enjoy the rest of your romantic evening.

  3. Glad to hear you've had a lovely valentines day.

    This morning we went to the car boot, walked hand in hand round it in the pouring rain and got soaked! Then I made hubby a special cooked breakfast with heart shaped fried egg and I love you stamped toast with love birds on.

    We went out for a bite to eat earlier and have been watching TV. Going to have a romantic candlelit bath in a little while. We are off work tomorrow so are hopefully going to do something nice then too.

    Where did you get that heart shaped pasta from it's great.

  4. What beautiful photos! The tunic looks fab with the slip underneath, even as a lifelong veggie the food looks amazing and I adore that picture with you and Dylan. What a super necklace, too!
    My day was no more romantic than usual except that I discovered a beautiful handmade card stashed under the biscuit barrel when I made the tea in bed this morning!

  5. I want to come to dinner at your house please! Mmmm, those photos have made me really hungry.

    Glad you had such a lovely day :)

  6. Food look delicious! Loving the idea of the slip under the tunic. I had a lazy day with the Mr, and an indian takeaway for dinner :)

  7. Your meal sounds divine!

    Hubby took the boys to the cinema while I went for a shop, then we went to Pizza Hut. We headed home for a family came of Band Hero and watched the Fantastic Four. The boy/girl ratio isn't weighted in my favour!!!


  8. What a wonderful evening - the starter looks so immense I can't even imagine how delicious the rest of the meal was!