Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Little Miss Nautical

Ahoy there shipmates!

I'm so in love with anything nautical at the moment, and today I was in the mood for this stripey batwing jumper from Tesco. I also wore a short red mac when I went out this morning which really set the outfit off.

I have been resisting temptation to indulge in any more Asda jewellery, I'm wearing the swallow earrings *again* and the bow necklace from Valentine's Day, but I think I may have to pay the haberdashery stall in town a visit to pick up some buttons and ribbon for a spot of customising.
Taking inspiration from rope knots I added this fun braid to my hair. It's a simple three strand plait, but I held one strand and slid the other two up to bunch it up a little, then secured it under the rest of my hair with a couple of grips.
I couldn't let pancake day go by without posting a few shots of Dylan in the kitchen, so here he is demostrating how to make Chocolate, Blueberry and Yoghurt pancakes. Yummy!

What did you have on yours?


  1. Aww bless wee dylan... glad he enjoyed it! We had bacon and butter on ours and had it more as a meal.

    Liking the nautical feel. Plus your raspberry coloured bracelet is lush.

  2. loving the nautical theme atm also, and your plait is sooo cute, wish i was more imaginative with my hair :)

  3. Love the nautical theme your hair is fab and Dylan's a sweetie.

  4. Great hair, gorgeous jumper and lovely little Dylan.
    We're having ours later but BF went shopping without his specs and bought plums instead of lemons...interesting combo!

  5. Great outfit! Nautical isn't my think but I like your take on it a lot.

  6. I love nautical so much and I LOVE your hair.

  7. Your hair looks great - I doubt I'd have the imagination to be inspired by knots when doing mine!

    No pancakes for me so I'll just enjoy the descriptions of everyone else's. Dylan looks like he had fun making his :)

  8. How adorable is your son? Bless him.

    I love the nautical look - one of my favourites. And I had lemon, sugar and honey on my pancakes!

  9. I love your top, and the mac sounds fab - any chance of a pic of that at some point?

    I didn't have pancakes either, but might make drop scones at some point today, if I can get a shift on. :)

  10. Yummy pancakes, always have mine with lemon and sugar. Dylan looks like he is having a lot of fun! Loving the braided hair and nautical look!

  11. I'm loving the nautical look at the moment too.

    There are far too many pretty items of jewellery on sale at Asda at the moment. It is so difficult having the largest Asda in Europe just a few minutes down the road sometimes!