Saturday, 6 February 2010

Feeling Floral

There's something about the slighty milder weather and clear skies that hints that Spring is just around the corner. I can't wait to ditch the coats and cardigans in favour of lighter prettier clothing and all the girly floral prints around at the moment are really catching my eye.

I've always loved flower prints, my favourite doodle is a cartoon flower and I painted this Cherry Blossom mural on our bedroom wall. I had been searching for months for the perfect wallpaper at
the right price when I decided to just do it myself! Typically it remains not quite finished and weeks after painting it I found this gorgeous wallpaper in B&Q reduced to only £1 per roll. Needless to say I snapped it up but now I'm torn between the two.
My outfit today continues along the floral theme, I have had this top for several months yet only worn it a couple of times. The neckline isn't quite right, I'd like it longer and looser but I adore the print.

I am a huge fan of the "jegging" the thicker variety hold me in where I need it but give the appearance of slimmer legs without the bulk added by real jeans.

The red cardi was a Matalan sale purchase and with 75% off it was only about £4. I haven't worn these boots as much as I thought I would but I think they work well with the outfit and toughen up the pretty print.

You'll have to excuse the swimming hair and lack of make up, I'm not going out until this evening so am "au natural" until later!

Finally I just had to try on my new nail varnish, no it's not "home mixed" I bought it with my Boots points. I love grey and know i'll get lots of wear out of it, painted nails make me feel so finished.

A quick glance at my fingers and I know I can face whatever the day throws at me!


  1. Fab nail varnish! What shade/type is it? I don't have any grey in my collection (funny but I have never considered it) and would love some since I've seen other people wearing it.

  2. I love your wall, come and sort my room out?! Haha. Fab outfit and nails :)

  3. That mural is brilliant, had never thought of doing something like that!

    The floral print on your top looks lovely, nice outfit :)

  4. The wallpaper is tres pretty but the mural is wonderful and as it's your own work, surely it's best to keep it?

    Do we get pics of the outfit from last night? Not that I'm nosy or anything, tee hee.

  5. The mural is a triumph - please don't cover it up! Why don't you paper a chest of drawers or bedside table with the paper instead?
    Love your nail polish!