Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Mysterious Girl

Day 6 - Jeggings Challenge
I'm doing well, I think. Almost there, the end is in sight now!

I'm quite getting into the tights thing, I do feel more feminine, but also more vulnerable. I've had to be really careful about ladders and I've just come to the conclusion that tights and Velcro shoe wearing toddlers do not mix, well not on a daily basis anyway.

I'm certainly going to give other options a more consideration before I slip on my jeggings but I think they'll still feature heavily in my life.

Today's outfit is (another) ebay dress, this one originates from Warehouse. It's not the most flattering on me, but I'm sure that by the summer it will be fine. The photos don't show it very well but I'm wearing bottle green tights layered over black opaques. The butterfly belt was an impulse purchase from USC. I love it but as I've lost weight it keeps slipping down so may end up on ebay soon.

This second dress was bought today from a well know high street store which I mystery
shopped. It was in the sale and is a size 10, I tried on the only 12 and the zip was bust so I bought the smaller size instead. I'll take it back, it's too small and I only bought it as it was a requirement of the visit to make a purchase. I thought it was too cute not to photograph first though!
I'd have never thought the tulip skirt would work for me, I'd always favoured the A-line but I was surprised that this showed off my curves in a good way.
Have you found anything surprisingly flattering lately?


  1. That top dress is fabulous on you, Vicki! Layering tights is great not only warm but adds interesting colour dimension.
    Shame that skirt's uncomfortable as the shape is great but nothing worse than a waistband that leaves creases in your skin.
    Flattering clothing? I wore a shrunken-up Strokes teeshirt to Pilates earlier and somebody asked if I'd lost weight.

  2. Not flattering? Pffft! You look great in it.

    Hmmm, I'm generally finding tights quite flattering at the moment. I'm not the most body confident person in the world but I don't think my legs look too bad in them :)

  3. Both outfits are great, you should definitly get it if they have it in a 12!

  4. I love that skirt on you, and would never have guessed you consider it too small. Nothing surprisingly flattering, but my favourite hat is distinctly unflattering with my glasses - gutted is an understatement.

  5. The Warehouse dress looks really flattering on you vicki!! I love the belt with it, could you alter it to make it smaller?

  6. Lovely outfit today. Not unflattering at all. I love doubling up tights... gives a great look! x

  7. Amazingly as I'm a size 16 (but in fairness almost 6') people keep asking me if I've lost weight when I wear really short things!
    I love the cardi over the dress in the first pic. x

  8. I love both outfits too and echo what Loulou said, I can't beleive the second one is too small, it looks perfect on you :)